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2023 Scholar

Arianna Dwomoh

Physics, Duke University
I really hope to mentor others, including young kids, who are excited about space and all it has to offer.

Arianna Dwomoh

Arianna Dwomoh

My story

My interest in physics was spurred on by a passionate teacher I had in high school. After that course, I went on to take an elective which introduced me to astrophysics and helped lead me to a physics major. I am most excited about getting to share my research discoveries with others! Physics and astronomy are so interconnected that findings in one area could lead to exciting discoveries in another, and getting to be part of that process is a great passion of mine. I hope to get a Ph.D. and conduct research in a lab in a few years. I also hope to mentor others, including young kids, who are excited about space. Eventually, I would like to return to academia to teach and continue research.

I am working on a first-author paper on research that I started over the summer on Type Ia supernovae cosmology! Receiving this award is important to my journey as a physics major, as well as the journey I’m about to take as I transition to post-graduate efforts. This scholarship will lessen the financial burden I would’ve otherwise had, and I no longer will feel held back with making decisions I am passionate about but might not have been able to afford.