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Hannah Jang-Condell

NASA Scientist & Executive Committee Member, SPS


Hannah Jang-Condell is currently a Program Scientist in the Astrophysics Division of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. She serves on the Executive Committee of the Society of Physics and Astronomy Students (SPS) National Council as an At-Large member. She is also member of the Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy of the American Astronomical Society (AAS).

Before joining NASA, Dr. Jang-Condell was a professor at the University of Wyoming in the Department of Physics & Astronomy from 2011-2021, where she served as faculty advisor to the Wyoming Chapter of the Society of Physics Students, and was elected to the SPS National Council for 2017-2020. She is committed to supporting undergraduate students in physics & astronomy by making it a welcoming and inclusive community. As a faculty member, Dr. Jang-Condell saw first-hand the challenges students face in pursuing a physics or astronomy major, particularly those from historically under-represented or under-resourced groups. By working with SPS, she strives to help establish support structures for these students through SPS initiatives and activities.