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2023 Scholar

Jaylon Lockett

Physics, Angelo State University
The pursuit of discovery is where my passion burns the brightest.
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Jaylon Lockett

Jaylon Lockett

My story

In eighth grade, I started learning about space and my eyes were lit up with the passion of science. The pursuit of discovery is where that passion burns the brightest. Most of all, learning how systems and the universe work scratches this itch about what I want to understand. I hope to work at an active company or organization such as Space X, NASA, or any other group pioneering change in space explorations and physics. I have been hired by my astronomy professor to assist with data analysis of RR Lyrae stars and galaxy clusters. In doing this, I have visited telescopes at the McDonald Observatory as well as AAS meetings. I have also presented at TAS and AAS meetings and am still doing this research.

Being recognized for my passion and work ethic shows me I’m on the path to success. Not only does it take financial burden off me, but it also gives me more exposure and opportunity. I chose this career for a reason – even if I start out making $20,000/year it wouldn’t matter to me, because I love the science of physics and astronomy and will be more content and happy doing something that I care about.