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2022 & 2023 Scholar

LaToya Anderson

Physics, Brooklyn College
I’m passionate about the intersection between quantum mechanics and computation.
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LaToya Anderson

LaToya Anderson

My story

I’m passionate about the intersection between quantum mechanics and computation, such as developing or refining approximation methods used to predict the properties of quantum materials, and encouraging software development practices that improve reproducibility. Once I graduate, I plan to pursue a physics Ph.D. with a focus on either computational materials science or quantum information science. I then plan to work as a research scientist in industry, hopefully leading my own research team that develops computational tools for studying quantum materials.

Currently, my mentor and I are in the writing stage of my first paper, where I will be the first author, for my research on the new class of 2D superatomic crystals. A chemical understanding of these structures is complicated. I, with my mentor, developed a method that localizes Wannier functions to the superatoms with the aim of improving our understanding of their interactions within this material.

This scholarship award provides me, a nontraditional, first-generation student, with the resources I need to successfully navigate the graduate school application process. This financial support lets me focus even more on my courses and presenting at conferences. I am deeply appreciative of the impact this support will have on my journey and am sincerely grateful.

TEAM-UP Together Scholarship Recipient in 2022 and 2023