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2023 Scholar

Lyne-Nicole Odhiambo

Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Physics is a language of describing the universe in a way that transcends boundaries.

Lyne Nicole Odhiambo

Lyne Nicole Odhiambo

My story

Physics describes reality in a concrete way that can be used to analyze a variety of systems with a few techniques. I love the physics of material properties and I want to study materials to improve the efficiency of existing technologies. I plan to apply for graduate programs in condensed matter physics after my undergraduate degree.

I recently conducted research at Imperial College London in the Experimental Solid State Physics department on nanoscale magnetism for neurotrophic computing. It was a short summer project where I ran simulations which laid the groundwork for future experiments to develop the capacity for memory in artificial neural networks. Throughout my sophomore year, I learned optical techniques in MIT’s Materials Research Lab to study structural vibrations in crystal solids.         

For people living at the intersection of Black, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ identities, academic institutions usually fail to meet our needs and support us as students. Having financial support through this scholarship makes me feel like going through with my higher education is worth it.