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2023 Scholar

Mya Merritt

Engineering Physics, Morgan State University
I love the real-life applications of [physics] and how it can be used to explain anything.
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Mya Merritt

Mya Merritt

My story

I enjoyed physics in high school. I love the real-life applications of it and how it can be used to explain anything. I also enjoy learning about how nature interacts with itself. I am most passionate about modern physics, classical physics and the medical applications of physics. Some of my accomplishments include winning the “Outstanding Poster Presentation in Architecture/ Engineering/ Physics”, being inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honors Society) and obtaining a 4.0 GPA throughout my college experience so far. Something cool I am currently working on in my program is mechanically exfoliating 2D materials and characterizing them using photoluminescence spectra.

Receiving this scholarship award is important and impactful for me because it is a significant aid in helping me reach and accomplish my goals. This award will carry me through my undergraduate studies and help me get a kickstart for graduate school. I am very appreciative and very honored to have received this award!