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2023 Scholar

Anandi Hudson

Astrophysics, Arizona State University
The topic that makes my heart skip a beat is the distant galaxies.
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Anandi Hudson

Anandi Hudson

My story

I was always in love with how bright the night sky could be. I began to wonder truly what those stars were. That curiosity opened the door to the world of astrophysics and is why I must answer my growing list of questions about the universe by studying such a vast subject. The topic that makes my heart skip a beat is the distant galaxies.

I had the honor of working alongside a professor and their research assistants my sophomore year. I had the opportunity to delve into theoretical practices of astrophysics and gained knowledge in the intricacies of charged coupled devices image processing. This led to working with computer programs and coding, which gave me great experience. I would love to find an internship as a research assistant.

Receiving this scholarship award truly gives me a reignited hope in myself. I never knew how heavy a financial burden could weigh on a person until I experienced it, and now I can say I know how it feels to have people believe in me. This has impacted my life greatly and I am more motivated to charge ahead and pursue my academic goals.