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2023 Scholar

Bradley Clemons

Physics, Georgia State University
When the day comes that this planet is uninhabitable due to human activities or naturally occurring changes, we must be able to sustain ourselves elsewhere in this vast universe.
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Bradley Clemons

Bradley Clemons

My story

I always found the subject matter of physics and astronomy to be far more interesting and eye-opening than any other. I am most passionate about space exploration and the utilization of extraterrestrial resources. Advancements in rocket propulsion, new studies on potential habitability of nearby terrestrial bodies, and new technologies introduced to further make space colonization a reality all excite me to a high degree. An exciting project I am currently working on is researching extragalactic astronomy with Dr. Justin Robinson. We are working together to answer a question nobody has been able to answer yet, which I think is really cool.

This scholarship is an incredible opportunity for me to continue pursuing what I love despite recent financial struggles. I look at it as an investment. Using this scholarship, I will one day give much more back to the world. I appreciate the existence of this program because I know a lot of people such as myself who need the help in making their dreams a reality.