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2023 Scholar

Donovan Flagg

Physics and Astronomy, University of Missouri–Columbia
I’m most passionate about finding a future for humanity.
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Donovan Flagg

Donovan Flagg

My story

In second grade, I learned how the universe continued beyond the solar system and I had more and more questions as I learned about space. I’m passionate about finding a future for humanity. I want to bring people from different races and ethnicities together in physics to use our unique perspectives to find a way forward – combating air pollution, understanding the universe, and stabilizing our way of life. I also plan to earn a physics Ph.D.

I have already completed two internships and presented at three conferences. I recently began a project with my university advisor studying the morphology of high redshift galaxies. Receiving this scholarship award is everything to me. I’ve had doubts in my progress in the past, but the TEAM-UP Together scholarship let me know that the journey I’m making and confidence I’m building are noticeable. Pursuing higher education was always my goal, but the financial burden it placed on me and my family was a lot. This scholarship not only lessens that burden but allows me to focus on what I’ve found to be my passion.