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2022 & 2023 Scholar

Isaiah Pipkin

Physics and Astronomy, University of Texas - Austin
The reason I chose to work in astronomy and physics is because I have a passion for it. It has completely transformed my life and put a light at the end of the tunnel for my future.
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Isaiah Pipkin

My story

I always had an interest at a very young age in looking at the stars in the night sky, and I was always curious about what is up there. Astronomy and physics have opened a pathway for me that I thought I would never see. I am most curious about extragalactic high redshift galaxies and implementing machine learning into studying these galaxies. I plan on going to grad school to pursue my Ph.D., and currently I have two papers on the way with one more in the works.

Since my mom is my only benefactor, this scholarship award will allow me to continue my college career without a huge financial burden on the both of us.

TEAM-UP Together Scholarship Recipient in 2022 and 2023